A brighter whiter smile

Want to brighten your smile? Many people do! A whiter smile can boost confidence and self-esteem, make you look younger, and help you give a positive first impression. You may just want a whiter smile for an upcoming wedding or job interview. There are numerous ways your teeth can get discolored: wine drinking, coffee and tea stains, natural aging, plaque and tartar deposits, and even discoloration from trauma to the teeth.

Whitening procedures are a quick and painless way to brighten your smile. Higher concentrations of whitening ingredients are used at in-office visits so your smile will be significantly brighter too! All it takes is one quick visit to our office and you’ll leave with whiter teeth! We’ll send you home with custom full upper and lower whitening trays to continuing whitening your teeth at home. To keep your newly whitened teeth white you should continue to practice excellent oral hygiene.