Depending on your specific needs, Dr. DiPilla can create a customized treatment plan to restore the health and beauty of your smile. Dental restoration can include cosmetic procedures to achieve the smile of your dreams.


Porcelain crowns replace the exterior portion of a tooth that has been damaged and give it a natural appearance. The great benefit to porcelain crowns is they not only replicate the original tooth in function, but are designed to look like the original. Porcelain crowns give you a natural looking smile that will last a lifetime.


Dental implants replace root of the tooth and create a strong foundation for full dental restorations. Implants look and feel the same as your teeth, and provide a great alternative to dentures. By providing a foundation for bridges or crowns, implants bring your smile back to its original luster.


No more messy dental impressions or temporary restorations! One day Cerec crowns allow you to relax while we create a custom designed ceramic restoration. You’ll leave with a beautiful restoration that is designed to help strengthen and protect natural tooth structure.


If you have experienced gaps from missing one or more teeth, dental bridges may be the best solution for you. Dental bridges restore your smile along with your ability to properly chew and speak. It is important to fill open spaces, because teeth can shift over time, leading to more dental issues.


Clenching and grinding your teeth at night can lead to a morning of discomfort, pain, and tenderness. An Occlusal Guard can solve the problem, and you’ll wake up feeling revitalized and refreshed. Occlusal guards mold to your teeth to protect them from damage, such as chipped or scratched teeth.


A unique pain-free procedure that shapes targeted tissues without contact, heat, vibration or pressure.