Is your smile a shadow of its former self? The years can be hard on our smiles, no matter how diligently we take care of them. Advances in cosmetic dentistry mean that you do not have to simply accept the fact that your smile can deteriorate over time. Dr. DiPilla and his staff will create a treatment plan specific to your unique goals and budget, and give your smile an extreme makeover. For examples of Dr. DiPilla’s Smile Makeover, visit our Look Book.



Porcelain veneers can restore your smile to its full natural beauty. While numerous things such as crooked teeth, discoloration, and chipped teeth can make us self-conscious, veneers can provide the perfect solution.

Veneers are essentially laminate shells that are adhered to the existing tooth structure, giving the appearance of a perfectly colored, shaped and aligned tooth. We specialize in providing radiant, yet natural porcelain veneers to rejuvenate your smile.


White fillings are a more natural looking alternative to the traditional silver fillings. While silver fillings are easily seen, white fillings blend with the tooth so you can talk, laugh, and smile with confidence.

Whether you need a new filling, or are looking to replace your current silver fillings, we can customize a dental plan just for you.


Nothing lights up a room like a bright smile. Wine, coffee, green tea, and many other foods and beverages that we enjoy everyday can stain our teeth. If your smile has dulled over time, teeth whitening can restore our smile’s bright white luster by up to 8 shades.

Whitening procedures are inexpensive, simple and painless ways to give you the flawless smile you’ve been looking for. Visit our Look Book to see actual patients of Dr. DiPilla.


Porcelain fillings use a long lasting and durable material to improve damaged teeth. These fillings are a great way of protecting and strengthening teeth that make your smile less than perfect.


Improve your smile and protect your teeth with dental bonding. Bonding repairs cracks, gaps, and chips in your teeth and can even change the shape and size of them. Get the perfect smile you’ve always wanted with this quick and painless cosmetic procedure.