Brushing your teeth the right way

Brushing your teeth in the morning is just as important as having breakfast! Our parents may have taught us how to brush our teeth years ago, but are you brushing correctly? Time is key when it comes to brushing; you should spend two full minutes brushing your teeth. A mere 30-45 seconds of brushing is not satisfactory to maintain good oral health. Next is technique- brush with small up and down strokes. Brushing horizontally can lead to abnormal wear. Start by cleaning your upper teeth, 30 seconds on the inner surface and 30 seconds on the outer, and then move on to your bottom teeth. Make sure to brush your gumline softly as well. This will keep your gum tissue healthy, preventing any gum related complications. The only things left to do are floss, clean your tongue, and rinse with mouthwash! Flossing will rid all food particles stuck in between your teeth your toothbrush can’t reach and mouthwash is an antiseptic to kill any lingering bacteria.

This complete routine will take more time than a quick one-minute brush, however it is the best way to avoid around a dozen different dental complications. You will notice cleaner teeth, and a fresher breath. Devote a good five minutes in both the morning and evening to your oral health, it will truly make a difference.