When it comes to achieving a beautiful, balanced smile, we no longer have to suffer through traditional metal brackets. Clear aligner technology has made orthodontic movement a convenient way to achieve the smile you always dreamed of.  Let’s discuss some advantages of choosing invisalign over brackets.

Clear aligners present an obvious cosmetic advantage over metal braces. In addition to pure cosmetics you aren’t stuck with them permanently. This means if you have an important life event, you have the freedom to remove the aligner whenever you would like. Traditional braces are often painful and the teeth become very sore after receiving new wires. The wires can cut and irritate your cheek tissue, not to mention the risk of being hit in the mouth.  With Invisalign there is virtually no pain and no risk of tissue damage. The aligners are much more comfortable and much less interrupting to your daily routine.

Eating certain foods can be a problem with braces. Anything hard or sticky can damage the brackets or cause them to pop off. This requires extra trips to the orthodontist for repair. With invisalign, there is no restrictions on your diet, eat whatever you’d like whenever, simply just remove your aligner.

A very important, but often overlooked part of orthodontic straightening is maintaining good oral health. Regular brushing and flossing can be hard with brackets. It is very easy to miss parts of the teeth. This can lead to rapid decay, inflammation and periodontal issues. With invisalign there is no change in your regular brushing and flossing habits, simply pop out the tray and go about your normal routine.

Traditional braces still hold much value and may still be the only treatment option indicated for some complicated cases. We will be sure to discuss both options and help you decide which therapy is the correct choice for you!

Stay tuned…next week we will discuss the Invisalign process.