Our Dental Practice Just Got Smarter with iTero Element 2 Scanner

Advancements in technology have been very instrumental in the growth of the modern world. Everything is turning digital. From phones to watches to smart homes, digital technology is being integrated into every aspect of our day-to-day lives. Dentistry has not been left behind; most dentists have embraced digital dentistry. For high precision, speed, intuitive operations, and outstanding visualization capabilities, modern dentists look to the iTero Element 2. With the new iTero Element 2 technology, the trip to the dentist will no longer be stressful. iTero Element is engineered to put the latest technology at the fingertips of your dentist and make intraoral scanning…dare we say…fun.

Amazing Features of iTero Element 2

  • Next-generation computing capable of providing full arch intraoral scans easily under one minute. It’s designed to capture up to 6,000 frames per minute.
  • It is engineered to naturally fit with Optimized Invisalign Connectivity to provide the best workflow with the Invisalign system and Invisalign Outcome Simulator.
  • Advanced and features that have been redesigned with built-in controls that allow dentists to rotate models on screen.
  • Comes with a 19-inch Hi-Definition Multi-touch Screen Interface that displays scanned images at lightning speed. The display also works with vinyl, latex, and nitrile.
  • The latest wand is 40% smaller and lighter to improve mobility, convenience, and ease of use.
  • Provides Real-Time Visualization. Let’s you view images in 3-D with improved visualization that helps you show your patient what the teeth look like now. Visualizing what the teeth will look like in the future is an amazing feature of the scanner.
  • iTero Time-lapse Technology that compares the current and past scans; helping your patients make more informed decisions.
  • Vibrant Color Scanning – Realistic color images make it easier to differentiate between gingival and dental tissue for better evaluation.
  • Bottom line: iTero Element 2 is engineered for more power, convenience, capabilities, and accuracy.

Benefits of iTero Element 2

  • iTero is highly detailed and more precise than traditional conventional dental equipment. It uses the latest and most advanced technology to ease the dentist’s work, improve patients’ experience and provide quality and accurate scans.
  • The process of using digital scans is much faster than taking an impression; hundreds of image frames can be captured per second for sharper image creation. Additionally, the images can be sent to the lab chairside.
  • iTero uses cutting edge technology that is mess-free. The dentist does not have use impression material, making the process smooth and faster – leaving you much more comfortable.
  • Digital images created with an iTero scanner return from the lab faster, getting you to your customized treatment with the less waiting time.
  • With iTero, the entire process is accurate and precise; the likely hood of repeat procedures is very unlikely. The whole process is usually done right the first time without experiencing any discomfort. The primary goal of the iTero Element 2 is high precision. This state-of-the-art dental equipment is designed to achieve high precision and accuracy without powder, other precision materials, or complicated procedure.