A recent circulating report suggests that there is no strong evidence that flossing improves oral health and has patients wondering should I still floss. The answer to this question is neither scientific nor complicated. What this report actually alludes to is the difficulty of conducting a study to provide proof of the effect of flossing. A lack of strong evidence does not mean there is a lack of effectiveness. Any dentist can look at their patient’s gums and know right away if they are a flosser. There is a significant amount of tooth structure a tooth brush cannot reach that can allow plaque to accumulate. Removing plaque is always a good idea and anything that helps, including flossing, is recommended. Besides, flossing is a low risk low cost procedure that takes a minute to complete effectively.  After flossing for a few days you will notice a reduction of inflammation, bleeding gums and overall odor. It is a no brainer, flossing is very effective!