Straight Teeth Are Healthier!

Did you know the benefits of straight teeth reach far beyond having a beautiful smile! Crowded teeth are much more difficult to clean, which can leading to swollen gums and bone loss. When teeth are in proper alignment our gums adapt to the teeth much better giving the best defense to periodontal disease and decay. Open space between teeth is also an issue, which leads to food impaction and possible decay.

Beyond decay and periodontal disease, poorly aligned teeth can be the culprit of a destructive bite, causing teeth to become mobile, lose enamel and can even become lost. This can lead to night grinding and constant headaches and muscle soreness in the head and neck. Don’t overlook the health benefits of having a beautiful smile that also gives you confidence.

Most spacing/crowding issues can be managed conservatively with Invisalign! These are clear, removable aligners worn daily that incrementally move teeth. This allows for minimum interference in how you live, but a huge impact on how you look and feel about yourself.