T-Scan System

Have you ever had a filling, crown, bridge, or even an implant placed and your bite just hasn’t felt the same? After several appointments of biting on carbon paper, better known as articulating paper, to correct this issue, but your bite still feels a little off? With dentistry constantly advancing, we now have a solution to this problem—the T-Scan System.

The T-Scan is a digital analysis system designed to measure and record each patients specific biting patterns and forces over time.  Not only does this system improve patient communication and education, but it also allows the practitioner to precisely diagnose where an issue occurs. By doing so, this increases quality care of the work that was recently done, while also decreasing treatment time. So, how does this system work?


The T-Scan is a special device that utilizes a mouth-shaped sensor that a patient bites on. Specific data, such as biting forces, and timing of pressure is then transferred an animated digital image to be viewed by the practitioner. In other words, the practitioner can see what tooth is hitting first, last, and with how much pressure. The dentist can then accurately diagnose where the problem is, and how severe it may be. This particular system is typically used after fillings, crowns, bridges, or even veneers, to ensure the bite is evenly balanced and comfortable for the patient; thus, increasing the longevity of your recent dental work.