The Epic X Laser

With technology constantly advancing, we strive to stay ahead by offering our patients superlative care with the latest state of the art equipment. Epic X is one of the most up-to-date, enhanced lasers on the market and we now offer it. From Laser Cleanings to Pain Therapy modalities, our Epic X Laser is a highly versatile instrument to help provide the most effective and optimal treatment to our patients.
Here are just some of the features that Epic X has to offer:
Laser Bacterial Reduction Cleanings
The Epic X Diode Laser has an anti-bacterial feature that allows laser energy to penetrate the bacteria in the gums, or soft tissue. This procedure is done before the cleaning to allow more sufficient healing.
Laser Removal of Infected Gum Tissue
After our deep cleaning procedures, it is imperative to remove the infected gum tissue to allow proper healing. Not only does the laser energy promote quicker healing time, but it also decreases the bacteria, or pathogens, that lead to bone loss, or periodontal disease.
Gum, or Soft Tissue, Contouring
Another unique feature of our Epic X Laser is being able to contour the gum tissue for those who have a ‘gummy’ smile. This relatively simple procedure can provide our patients with the proper tooth proportions for a full, symmetrical smile.
As part of our Comprehensive Invisalign package, we provide gum contouring to our patients once the teeth are placed in the desired position. This is a crucial part in the completion of Invisalign treatment to enhance and perfect the patients smile.
Root Desensitization
Many patients who suffer from gum recession often experience teeth sensitivity along the gum line, due to the root structure being exposed. In the past, topical medications have helped with this sensitivity. The Epic X laser, can provide this root desensitization by providing barrier protection along the exposed root, thus decreasing the patient’s sensitivity.
Cold Sores, and Canker Sores
Another exciting feature the Epic X has to offer is the treatment of cold sores and canker sores. By emitting laser energy directly onto the lesion, we can inactivate the lesion in itself. The laser energy kills the surface of the virus, which then cauterizes the nerve endings so the itchy, tingly, burning symptoms subside. Also, healing time is significantly decreased.
In the early onset of the lesion, once a patient feels the itchy or burning sensation, the laser becomes most effective. Be sure to give us a call if you experience these sensations.