While you can quickly go to the dentist and get checked whenever you have a toothache, things can be a bit difficult when it comes to gum problems. There are numerous reasons why you may experience swollen gums, bleeding, or just painful gums, but a majority of these causes are lifestyle-related. The issue is most probably resulting from a product that you have been using lately or a habit that you have adapted.

Gums are soft and sensitive tissue, and you should, therefore, do all you can to protect them. If you have been having issues and are not sure of what the cause could be, here are a few probable causes:

Most individuals are already aware that smoking causes gum problems and assume that vaping does not. This couldn’t be further from the truth. While e-cigs and vaping tools may sound like a solution to healthy living for those who wish to quit smoking, the addictive habit may irritate your gums. Vaping is associated with gingivitis and periodontal disease. Both are gum-related problems.

Brushing or flossing roughly
The reason why your gums have been bleeding or are in pain is that you are not handling them with care while cleaning. Aggressive brushing will irritate and damage your gums, especially if the toothbrush you are using has hard and stiff bristles. If your gums are hurting after brushing, try and change your brushing style or get a toothbrush with soft bristles.

Canker sores
Canker sores are a common problem and may appear anywhere in your mouth, and the gums are not an exception. They mainly appear as red splotches, but with time, they get a white coating. The sores can be quite painful, especially when they come in contact with foods or drink. Although there is no specific treatment for this, you can take over the counter pain medication until they disappear in about ten days. Nothing is alarming about these, but if they take a long time to disappear, you should see a dentist.

This is the other habit-related gum problem. If you use tobacco, whether, in the form of smoking, chewing snuff, or dipping, you are increasing the chances of getting gum disease. Smoking leaves bacteria on the gums which after accumulating, destroys the soft tissue. Even smokeless tobacco has a similar effect because once you place it between the gum and the cheek, it irritates your gums and sores could form, thus causing the pain.

Reaction to dental products
Maybe your gums have been reacting to that toothpaste or mouthwash you recently got from the store because it was on sale. You forgot to check the ingredients and now you may be having an allergic reaction. If you suspect that you might have an allergic reaction to dental hygiene products, you should eliminate one product at a time until you determine which one is causing the gums’ reaction and discontinue using it.