Our Dental Practice Just Got Smarter with iTero Element 2 Scanner

Advancements in technology have been very instrumental in the growth of the modern world. Everything is turning digital. From phones to watches to smart homes, digital technology is being integrated into every aspect of our day-to-day lives. Dentistry has not been left behind; most dentists have embraced digital dentistry. For high precision, speed, intuitive operations,… — read more

The Epic X Laser

With technology constantly advancing, we strive to stay ahead by offering our patients superlative care with the latest state of the art equipment. Epic X is one of the most up-to-date, enhanced lasers on the market and we now offer it. From Laser Cleanings to Pain Therapy modalities, our Epic X Laser is a highly… — read more


A filling is a routine dental procedure performed by your dentist when a cavity, or decay, is present on the tooth. The procedure involves the dentist removing the decay with a drill, then placing filling material to restore the lost tooth structure.  In some cases, you may experience some lingering sensitivity after the filling procedure… — read more


When it comes to playing sports…purchasing new gear is part of the attraction.  However, one piece of equipment that is a real necessity is one that many athletes tend to overlook – sports guards. Mouth guards, or sports guards, are intended to provide a barrier between your teeth and soft tissue around your mouth.  By… — read more


Everyday our teeth are attacked by the food we consume. Be it coffee, fruit, candy, or even bread, the foods we eat have a large effect on our overall oral health. Food produces acidic byproducts that eventually attack the outer layer of our teeth. Thankfully, this process can be reversed by simply brushing your teeth. … — read more


Patients often ask “how long will my fillings last?” To determine the longevity of a dental filling, or restoration, many factors must be considered including dental materials, the dentist and the patient. Let’s start the discussion with the various materials available. Over the past several years, dental materials have come along way, which has allowed… — read more

Can alcohol effect your dental health?

Oral health is one of the main components of a person’s overall well-being. Over the past 50 years, the United States has made much progress in understanding common oral diseases like dental caries–or tooth decay– and periodontal diseases, also known as gum disease. The fact that we now have a much better understanding of the… — read more


Do you have misaligned teeth, but dread having to go through the long process of braces to straighten them? Do you want to improve your smile but do not want to put up with years of unappealing hardware on your teeth? Well, we have the solution—Clear Aligner Treatment.  Clear Aligner Treatment is an orthodontic device,… — read more


When it comes to achieving a beautiful, balanced smile, we no longer have to suffer through traditional metal brackets. Clear aligner technology has made orthodontic movement a convenient way to achieve the smile you always dreamed of.  Let’s discuss some advantages of choosing invisalign over brackets. Clear aligners present an obvious cosmetic advantage over metal… — read more


Sleep apnea is a common condition in which you temporarily stop breathing while you sleep -multiple times throughout the night. The apneas can last anywhere from a few seconds to more than a minute, hundreds of times a night.  You can imagine how disruptive that can be to your sleep cycle!  Untreated Sleep apnea is… — read more


With summer right around the corner, we want to make sure our pearly whites stay bright and cavity free. To avoid cavities, it’s important to know the main cause of tooth decay and what foods to stay away from. The good thing is, it’s easy!  Just simply ask yourself, “is this acidic or sweet?” We’re… — read more

T-Scan System

Have you ever had a filling, crown, bridge, or even an implant placed and your bite just hasn’t felt the same? After several appointments of biting on carbon paper, better known as articulating paper, to correct this issue, but your bite still feels a little off? With dentistry constantly advancing, we now have a solution… — read more


A recent circulating report suggests that there is no strong evidence that flossing improves oral health and has patients wondering should I still floss. The answer to this question is neither scientific nor complicated. What this report actually alludes to is the difficulty of conducting a study to provide proof of the effect of flossing…. — read more


A little known player in oral health is saliva or spit. Saliva provides lubrication for speech and eating and plays a significant role in maintaining healthy teeth by replenishing important minerals after an acid attack by bacteria. Every time we consume a meal with simple sugars the bacteria on our teeth use it for energy… — read more


It is no surprise that smoking is bad for your health, so it goes without saying that smoking has negative consequences for the oral cavity as well. Aside from the obvious fact that tobacco causes bad breath, it causes a litany of problems for the teeth, gums, bone and surrounding tissue. For one, smoking causes… — read more


Over the past several years, dentistry has taken a drastic change with new advances continuing to develop at an exponential rate. One drastic change is the ability to detect caries, or cavities, with the use of a non-invasive, digital imaging instrument called the Spectra. Not only are x-rays crucial in diagnosing cavities, but the use… — read more

Charcoal Whitening?

What’s the deal with charcoal teeth whitening? The latest trend of DIY teeth whitening has been in the form of activated charcoal. Users claim brushing with this black powdery substance for 3 to 5 minutes has noticeably whitened their teeth. The internet trend has been gaining steady popularity.  The cosmetic result may hold true for… — read more

Dr. DiPilla Interview on Opportunity Detroit


The connection between heart and gum disease We all know practicing good oral hygiene daily has huge benefits on preventing decay and gum disease as well as keep our breath fresh. But it is becoming clearer that a healthy mouth can actually lead to a healthy heart. The mouth has been considered the gateway to… — read more

What are Dental Implants

Implants are a permanent solution for missing teeth. Dentists used to replace missing teeth with bridges or removable dentures. Many patients do not like the idea having to wear a denture and being able to take it out. Implants provide a solution that is fixed and most closely resembles the tooth it is replacing. An… — read more


Can a sweetener really prevent tooth decay? You bet it can, but not all are created equal. Xylitol is a natural sweetener that can actually prevent tooth decay from forming. Tooth decay is caused by bacteria living in a plaque matrix adhered to our teeth. The bacteria in plaque absorbs sugars from our diet and… — read more

Are Wisdom Teeth Silently Risking Your Health?

At some point we’ve all been told by our dentist that we will need to have our wisdom teeth taken out. If you’re like most of us you were probably thinking “why doc, they don’t bother me, can we just wait?” What we as dentists want our patients to most understand is pain free doesn’t… — read more

Are Digital X-Rays Safer Than Traditional Films?

Pictures of the teeth (x rays) are a very important part of dental diagnosing. They help us clinicians get a better view of what is going on between the teeth and underneath the enamel. We are able to diagnose cavities, gum disease, cysts or tumors, position of wisdom teeth and many other important aids. If… — read more


When considering oral health and trips to the dentist, the focus can tend to be on preventing cavities. However, our gums and bone support are just as important to achieving overall oral health as preventing decay. Swollen or bleeding gums are not healthy and can be a sign of gum disease. Although this may be… — read more

How much bottled water should we be drinking?

Bottled water is a super convenient way of quenching thirst, but has this convenience helped tooth decay make a comeback? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) ranked water fluoridation among the top 10 public health achievements of the 20th century. So we should all be celebrating bottled water and drinking more right? Not… — read more